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  • JW030A
  • JW030A
  • JW030A
  • JW030A


  • for children
  • 3 wheels
  • kick scooter
  • flashing wheels
  • Product description: The JW030A is a professionally developed 3-wheel scooter (4 wheels in total - 2 at the front and two together at the back) with precision joystick control system. The T-Bar joystick allows easier stee

We're so confident you'll love the JW030A, the scooter uses the 'tilt n turn' steering mechanism.

The JW030A is very popular for the school run, no more hanging back dragging their feet

now you will be running to keep up!!

The JW030A folds easily and can fit in the back of your car, on your buggy or the corner of a cafe.

Great when one child is still in the buggy and the other is not quite ready to walk

Children can get moving on the JW030A and gain confidence with speed and balance, from the age 3 years and above.

The JW030A is different and a great starter scooter because it has 3 wheels,

making it easier for kids to balance as they 'surf' the pavements

The joystick steering makes it easy to ride and get around bends without any accidents!

The brake on the back is easily managed by the child and soon they have confidence being in full control of this great scooter!!!


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