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  • JWA32-Adult
  • JWA32-Adult
  • JWA32-Adult
  • JWA32-Adult
  • JWA32-Adult


  • adult scooter
  • 3 wheel
  • suspension
  • foldable
  • Product description: Coming Soon & Suggestion Wanted

Scoot Everywhere!!!

Introducing the meanest (and newest) scooter in our range - The Sukerdi® JWA32-Adult Three Wheel Kick Scooter. Perfect for family days out, cruising through the park and getting to and from office in style. Ideal for adult 1.5m~2m tall, it now comes with an innovative new Pull-&-Lock foldaway mechanism, reinforced handle bar stem and re-modelled, heavy duty deck. The tilt to turn steering system is designed for high speeds and wicked manoeuvrability for intermediate and experienced scooter enthusiasts.

Rule The Road (and everywhere else).

Surf the sidewalks on three heavy duty wheels in a variety of T-Bar colours which include Gold, Red, Blue, Pink and Green. Strong and durable but light to carry and easy to fold up, we're convinced the JWA32-Adult scooter will be the envy of the whole street.

Coming Soon & Suggestion Wanted



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