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About us

SUKERDI SCOOTER, one of the "white hair" manufacturers of kick scooter for kids in China.

Quality is the soul of our scooters.
1. Approved by CE, EN, TUV, SGS, ASTM and also we got approval in the UK and Germany.
2. Over 98% positive customer reviews on UK/DE/AU Amazon/Ebay.
3. Sample is available, we encourage you to test the quality and market before bulk purchasing. 
4. Patented designs, don't have patent problem with MICRO and we are the only manufacturer. 
5. <Deliver & Refund Agreement> to ensure delivery date. Time is gold for you and for us. 
6. Perfect after-sale-service, A.S.Report to keep tracking the quality and service. 
    A claims representative would be in touch within 24-48 hours if you have any problem.

We are factory, we can export kick scooters to you directly. Sukerdi is your top option in kick scooter business!


Contact: Levan

Phone: 0086 139 5742 4127

Tel: 0579-87252180

Email: info@sukerdi.com

Add: No.21 South Yingui Road, Huachuan Industry, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China 312300

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